Managing Mobile Devices Remotely: USB over IP solutions

How do you deploy and manage iPads, tablets and other mobile devices, many of which have to be used and supported in places that may not have a convenient host computer or reliable, secure wireless infrastructure?  How can you make use of mobile device management tools in a way that works with your network infrastructure?

Now, new USB-based automation solutions let you provision supervise mobile devices, such as iPads, iPhones, and other USB-connected devices without a local host server.  These can be valuable tools in any Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) or Mobile Device Manager (MDM) strategy.

When used with software tools such as Apple Configurator, iTunes or Android  equivalents, new USB-over-IP appliances from Datamation Systems can let you supervise, configure and control an unlimited number of mobile devices from a central location.

Developed in cooperation with Cambrionix, the EtherSync connects multiple USB devices directly to a network IP address, controlling and managing them as if they were locally connected to a host.  This permits a dramatic improvement to the way mobile devices can be configured, controlled, secured and supervised in enterprise settings.

The EtherSync does this providing full GigaBit Ethernet for data transfer and full charging of the hosted devices.


Image of the EtherSync by Cambrionix
Cambrionix EtherSync™ Tekserve GroundControl™


It is perfect for applications in:

  • education (K-12) – imagine carts that plug into an IP drop for updates without the presence of a laptop or server, controlled and updated from a central office with full GigaBit Ethernet)
  • medical (nursing, pharmaceutical, clinical systems)
  • retail (point-of-sale, customer service, kiosk support
  • hospitality (hotels, restaurants, casinos, trade shows)
  • public safety (police, utilities)
  • depot service locations
  • any environment in which multiple USB-connectable devices are deployed: tablets, cameras smart phones and other USB-connected devices

At GigaBit Ethernet speeds, EtherSync appliances provide full USB charge and sync functions on a hub directly connected to a network.  Building on our very intelligent, “future proof” hub technologies, EtherSync provides fully powered connections or, where no power is available, power-over-Ethernet options.  Each EtherSync can support up to 42 USB devices and hundreds of EtherSyncs can be connected to a LAN.

By moving management to IT or remote location, you can eliminate on-site maintenance cost and make the devices more secure. It is built on a Linux platform that can be tailered to your specific needs and with versions on which you can customize and run your own software solutions.  Our partners can even provide software application design and support to give you

The new family of EtherSync appliances builds on Datamation Systems experience with charging, syncing and security solutions for mobile devices.

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