EtherSync: Manage iPads and tablets from anywhere

L1030965The new EtherSync appliance lets you manage, control and update iPads™ and other tablets over an Ethernet network. Imagine securely controlling hundreds of devices from a central or remote location, all over your existing wired network, with its existing security and bandwidth.

EtherSync lets you remotely manage iPads™, iPhones™ and USB-connected mobile devices as if they were connected to a local host, using familiar management tools such as Apple Configurator and iTunes™. Syncing hubs and carts can connect to the EtherSync appliance for a powerful remote management tool.

Model # DS-ES-U4E-S

A 4-port USB-over-IP device pre-loaded with Administration and Connection Maethersync-5mnagement Software. Combined with our desktop utility software, this lets you locate, use and manage multiple USB-connected devices via Apple Configurator, iTunes or other third party Mobile Device Management Software.

A cart plugged into a port on an EtherSync can be seen and controlled just as if it were connected to a local computer.

Model # DS-ES-U4E-D

DS-ES-U4E-2A 4-port USB-over-IP device: developer version. Developers can create and load custom-written Linux software on this version of the EtherSync, permitting direct, custom control over sync and charge functions, using Ethernet networks for cable-connected, secure management of USB-connected devices.

The software can be loaded either through shell access or SD card and a programming guide is provided.

EtherConnect, the software that helps manage the connection between EtherSync and a network host, works on Windows, Ubuntu and OSX. Apple Configurator works on all versions of Apple OSX up to “Yosemite.” Compatibility with “El Capitan” is pending Apple updates for Configurator. Please check for latest software.