EtherSync Support For MacOS Sierra

EtherSync USB over Ethernet support for MacOS Sierra By Chris Haynes on 11 November 2016 in New Technology, News Increased MacOS support for EtherSync Cambrionix are delighted to announce that our flagship ‘Global Device Management’ product, EtherSync, now has full support for the latest Apple operating system, MacOS Sierra. This compatibility now allows MacOS Sierra (and earlier) users to manage their Apple iPhone and iPad products over a Gigabit Ethernet network. Not only this but all devices will be charged optimally too! One USB hub, many use cases This hub is very applicable to high-security environments where mobile device deployments are unable to use WiFi or cellular for communication for fear of data breaches or misuse. Examples of sectors where EtherSync has already been deployed include: Retail Education Healthcare Cyber crime divisions Law Enforcement and Correction Secure device management in Education The support for MacOS Sierra now means that all Cambrionix hardware and software products are now fully compatible with the latest Apple Sierra Operating System. The best solution for remote device management This one of a kind USB hub has revolutionized the way institutions manage their mobile devices in high-security environments. Institutions can now connect their USB devices (which typically don’t offer Ethernet connectivity), without the use of WiFi or cellular radios, to their central servers, regardless of location. EtherSync also offers users the ability to connect any USB product to any computer over an Ethernet network (USB over IP). Any mobile devices will be charged at their full rate (up to 2.1Amps per device) in accordance with the manufacturer charging profile ensuring that the battery life of the product is maintained. EtherSync will also soon be [...]